That’s my boy.

God bless the Ice Bucket Challenge.

4 months to wait.

Hi guys ! 
I hope everyone is alright : after all the exams and some busy days it’s time for some weeks off : HOLIDAYS BABY ! I’ll be in another country, so enjoy the sun and see you in august ;) 
Love youuuu ! xoxo


the whole fandom waiting for new images of Mockingjay part 1 


"That’s a wrap. Thank you Suzanne Collins, thank you Francis Lawrence, thank you Hunger Games Fans. Other than that, I’m speechless." - Nina Jacobson.


Anonymous said: have u read the mortal instruments or the infernal devices? :)

Not yet, but it’s on my “beach books” list for this summer ;D xxx

Mockingjay part 1 first trailer !

Oh baby.

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